Boarding Options

At Edge Grove we do everything we can to accommodate modern day life.

Boarding provides families with the opportunity to avoid lengthy commutes to and from school, more time to balance the different needs of siblings, and helps to ensure that they all enjoy real quality time together. We understand that many of our parents have busy work schedules; some may be frustrated at the increasing cost of childcare; and some are simply living abroad. We therefore offer a variety of boarding options:

(1-4 nights)

Flexi boarding can be from one Flexi boarding can be from one night up to four nights. Children gain support, supervision and encouragement from the Boarding House team, growing in confidence and selfdevelopment. Boarders share a dormitory with children of their own age. A hot supper, snacks, breakfast, bed linen and activities are all included.

Weekly (6 nights)

With all the benefits and opportunities of flexi boarding, the weekly boarding option suits the needs of the modern working family or those living further afield. Weekly boarding allows parents to keep fully involved in their child’s weekly school life. Boarders may start the week on a Sunday night (from 6pm) or Monday morning (8am) to suit family life. Weekly boarders enjoy personalising their own dedicated bed space and have a priority choice of bed. Children may also bring their own bed linen if they wish.

For any further information about Boarding, please email our Boarding Team