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The Edge Grove Art Department is a dynamic hub of activity where we aim to provide pupils with an exciting, inspiring and rewarding education in art.

In art lessons, pupils have the opportunity to investigate the subject thoroughly. They learn about their artistic heritage, forming an understanding and appreciation of art throughout history and from a variety of cultures.

We teach skills with which pupils can apply the methods and approaches of other artists to enrich their own art work.

Our art department aims to develop each child's creative, manipulative, expressive and communication skills. Learning is largely project based, allowing the development of ideas and the exploration of different techniques. Pupils are encouraged to record and express their ideas in a variety of different ways, and children grow in their understanding of the elements of art, the uses of tools and techniques and the characteristics and application of materials. 

We set high standards and pupils are required to evaluate their work and be expected to modify and refine it as a result of continued and informed discussion.

We aim to stimulate interest and enjoyment in the subject. Most importantly, we aim to inspire confidence in the children and enable each child to realise his or her artistic potential.

Lower School

The art curriculum is taught through an exciting mix of varied projects encompassing a wide range of processes, skills and experiences both in 2d and 3d.

Each term we work to a particular theme, looking at a variety of artists and styles for inspiration whilst covering the main elements of tone, colour, texture, line and design. There is a fine art emphasis with a focus on drawing as the basis to all projects.

There is a special art project for Year 3 during expedition week which allows for a more condensed learning experience with the emphasis on colour and design. Exhibitions and after school art activities all enhance the classroom curriculum.

Middle School and Upper School

The curriculum continues to engage and inspire pupils through a wide range of art experiences. Pupils learn about art across time and place and have the opportunity to explore the subject through the practical application of a variety of art media. 

Pupils should expect to revisit the formal visual elements of art and design in a more advanced and challenging level of project work. Pupils are expcted to sustain concentration and application to the set task for longer periods and to work more independently. 

Some pupils are invited to join the Scholarship art class based on their commitment to the subject, the strength of their art work both in class and at home.

All pupils should have high expectations of themselves and work towards the end of year exhibition where the best work is displayed.