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At Edge Grove the importance of sport is recognised - as a vehicle for healthy living, as an opportunity to engage in and learn from competition, as well as a means in itself for fun and fulfilment.

We aim to provide expertise for highly talented and enthusiastic games players, as well as for those who are less naturally at home on the games field but whom, nonetheless, will benefit from taking exercise and developing skills.

Aims and Objectives:

In keeping with the National Curriculum and the Edge Grove School Aims, the Physical Education department aims that pupils should be given the opportunity to:

  • Gain a high level of fitness

  • Learn and understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle

  • Understand the safety considerations when taking part in sport

  • Develop skills and problem solve

  • Promote expressive and creative development

  • Appreciate performance

  • Enjoy sporting activity

  • Participate

  • Socially develop

  • Prepare for the future

Every pupil takes part in the formal sports programme four afternoons a week. Fixtures against other similar schools take place twice a week, enabling our enthusiastic players to represent Edge Grove regularly in competition.

Main Boys Games: Football, Rugby and Cricket

Main Girls Games: Netball, Hockey and Rounders

Minor Sports: Squash, Swimming, Athletics, Golf, Tennis, Cross Country


Our facilities for sport are excellent and include a 20-meter heated swimming pool; vast playing fields with ten junior football fields; a 3-court badminton Sports Hall; an Astro-turf hockey pitch; two tennis/netball courts and six outdoor/four indoor cricket nets.

The Coaches

Coaching is generally provided by our own teaching staff, many of whom have themselves been or remain accomplished and enthusiastic games players.