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The Classical World is introduced to pupils in Year 5 through a Classical Civilisation course encompassing the mythology of Ancient Greece and aspects of life in Ancient Greece.

Latin is taught to pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8.  At the end of Year 8, pupils sit the Common Entrance Latin paper (usually Level 2) or the entrance or Scholarship paper of their chosen Senior school. 

As well as the language, we also study everyday Roman life, Greek mythology and an element of the social and political history of Rome.

In studying Latin and Greek, we seek to:

  • Help pupils to gain an understanding of the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.

  • Impart a knowledge of characters and stories alluded to in the literature and art of Western culture.

  • Develop an understanding of the grammatical structure of language which will help pupils study other modern European languages later in life.