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We aim for our pupils to achieve a basic factual knowledge of the topics covered as a foundation to understanding the causality behind historical events, the beliefs and attitudes of the times, and how these influenced the course of history.  

An important skill is the processing of differing types of information, ranging from textbook descriptions to document sources, and the use of maps, photographs and computer databases. This is reinforced by project work, encouraging pupils to accumulate and process facts, as well as producing their own notes. Knowledge of aspects of local history is also achieved, linked through to the relevant topics of the course.

Our aim is that the key elements identified in the National Curriculum; historical knowledge, understanding, interpretations of events, organization and communication, and fostering historical enquiry, are developed by various aspects of the course, including the use of ICT.

The study of history at Edge Grove ranges from the Egyptians through to 1945 and so by the time the children leave us they have a broad knowledge of the times and major events. All the teaching is supported by outside educational visits as well as by visiting groups to the school. Our aim is to instil in the children a love of the subject that will encourage them to continue their studies further in their Senior Schools both at GCSE and A level.

Pre Prep

History at Edge Grove begins in Year 1 where they follow the IPC curriculum which is humanities based. Topics are covered such as 'How people in our families celebrated in the recent past' and the 'Ancient Greek Olympics'. In Year 2 topics are covered such as 'What jobs did people do in the past?' and 'The lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements'. 

Lower School

Topics covered in Year 3 include the Stone-Age, Egyptians and Greeks. Year 4 study the Vikings, Castles and The History of Edge Grove.

Middle School and Upper School

In Year 5 we look at the Tudors and Stuarts as well as Voyages of Exploration and Discovery. 

In Year 6 we move forward to the 20th century from 1900 to 1945. 

In Year 7 our CE studies begin with the Georgians and Empire Building as well as introducing source work for the first time.

In Year 8 we leap back to 1066 to begin the medieval period with the scholars having a separate agenda according to the needs of their schools. Source work continues at both CE and Scholarship level.

Events and trips

History events we organise to enrich learning include Viking, Roman and Egyptian days in the Lower School where the children play an active role dressing up and engaging in activities of the day. Trips include Mountfitchett Castle, The National Army Museum, The Lincolnsfield Second World War Centre to name but a few. Expedition Week in the Summer term also includes many aspects of history.