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The Geography department aims to bring local and global knowledge to our pupils; to encourage their interest in current affairs, understand the world around them, gain knowledge about where they live and go to school, and be able to compare and contrast this with other locations in the world. 

Using the resources we have readily available - the great outdoors, TV documentaries, ICT and the World Wide Web, we teach and learn about the relationship between the earth and its people, and pupils learn to be environmentally aware. 


Our aim is to begin to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of places and processes in the world, both locally and beyond. We also introduce skills which help them to conduct simple investigations in the classroom and out and about in our extensive grounds. Our thematic scheme is used flexibly in our planning, enabling us to cover cross-curricular themes, current affairs and pupils’ own interests.

Lower School

In Years 3 and 4 pupils study Geography in a creative, topic based curriculum. It is taught in blocks and explored thoroughly during three half terms. Pupils are taught inside the classroom and outside in the school grounds, they have class discussions and have the opportunity to use ICT to help them understand the geography around them. We aim to stimulate an interest in and a sense of wonder about different places, local and global. During Year 4 pupils are introduced to Ordnance Survey maps and begin to learn another skill which they can use throughout their lives.

Upper School

In Years 5 and 6 pupils are taught in the geography classroom and begin to widen their knowledge about the world and expand their knowledge and skills base. They are encouraged to explore geography using alternate sources, e.g. newspapers and ICT.  

In Years 7 and 8 pupils follow the Common Entrance Syllabus; some pupils are encouraged to prepare for Scholarship. They learn in a variety of ways and independent study is a skill which pupils enhance, particularly when producing case studies. Pupils will also produce a coursework study, this encourages team work and involves the pupils collecting their own information and producing a thorough enquiry.

Geography Department Events

The Geography Department runs a variety of events. All year groups from 3 to 8 experience at least one field trip a year, from the local park to the Natural History Museum. The educational excursion link with what the pupils are learning and teaches them about the geography around them.

Outings during the year include:

Year 3 - Southend on Sea Aquarium and the coast
Year 4 - Explore Shenley Park 
Year 5 - Veolia Water treatment plant in Bushey and a Geography focus during the annual Expedition Week
Year 6 - To be confirmed for 2012/13 but it will have an environmental and sustainability theme
Year 7 - Rivers study on the River Chess
Year 8 - Natural History Museum and Battlers Green Farm

We also run an annual Easter Photography Competition, which is based around topics pupils have been studying, with a winner awarded from both Upper and Lower School.