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Design, Textiles, Graphics and Home Economics

The Edge Grove Technology Department embraces new technologies, offering an innovative and broad education across four subject areas, Design, Textiles, Graphics and Home Economics.

In Technology lessons each academic year pupils have the opportunity to explore and experience four sub topics, Design, Textiles, Graphics and Home Economics. Technology is formally started in Year 3 and is taught in all years up to Year 8. However many opportunities are offered in Pre-Prep to explore the key concepts through other lessons and extra-curricular activities.

The Technology department is aware it is important that our pupils are learning skills that are in demand, with the current Technologies that are being used in the work place, to prepare them for their career choices in further education and life after school in the world of work. We aim to develop each child’s creativity, problem solving skills in design, and wider concept of a business and tailoring a product to a customer’s wants and needs. Learning is project based, with cross curricular opportunities across the Technology subjects and wider curriculum.

There are many extra-curricular opportunities and an expanding range of trips and competitions on offer. Cookery club, Gadget club and the Big Art club which embraces large scale community artwork using skills like silk painting in Textiles Technology, are amongst some of the clubs on offer. The Inter-House Christmas cake competition, card design on the lap tops and photography competitions are some that are on offer at the moment, and the Farm to Fork trip to Tescos and a local Farm.

The department has been bespoke designed with 3 specialist rooms and staff, the Gino D'Acampo Kitchen Academy, Textiles room and Design and Graphics suite. All the ingredients and materials are provided for by the school.

The Gino D'Acampo Kitchen Academy is purpose built with steam and electric ovens, hobs, blenders and standard utensils, where your child’s dietary requirements are all considered.




Gino D'Acampo cooking with our pupils at the launch opening of the Kitchen Academy.

The Textiles room is fully equipped with sewing machines, batik pots, ironing board, felt-making facilities, and an array of fabrics to work with, as well as all the necessary equipment and accessories for hand embroidery.  


The Design and Graphics suite is fully furnished with an interactive television, lap tops, iPads, a 3D printer and rendering materials.


We have high standards in Technology and emphasise the importance of design as the under-pinning concept of all good products. We encourage creative-risk taking and how design is an organic development that can be re-visited and evolve during the making process.