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A few words from our pupils

We recently asked our pupils from Years 2 - Year 8 to tell us why they love Edge Grove and what the best thing is that they have done here so far.

Here are a few of their responses:

“The thing I love about Edge Grove is the opportunities we get like Expedition Week. I also love the activities like Boxercise and Mandarin.” Lukas, Year 5

“I love the teachers and friends that I have made at Edge Grove. It’s a wonderful school and everyone has been nice to me ever since I came into Hart House!" Charlotte, Year 5

“The best thing I’ve done so far has been Roman Day because we got to dress up for the day as a Roman and played a real Roman game.” Olivia, Year 3

“I love the space and landscapes at Edge Grove and the chances we have to do lots of different things.” Freya, Year 4

“I love the variety of sports you can play here. Edge Grove is also an extremely caring environment. The best thing I’ve done here is winning the National Football Tournament twice. It shows you how much they care about sports.” Harry, Year 8

“The best thing I’ve ever done is the school production ‘Bugsy Malone’ because we all did it together and it turned out to be amazing.” Teresa, Year 8

“I love the way that everyone is so friendly. It has a very good academic side and a big choice of activities after school. I also love the sports here and how there is a team for everyone.” Kevin, Year 8

“The teaching here is excellent and they really help you according to your ability. There is a wide variety of activities and clubs after school – there is always something for someone to do.” George, Year 8

“I love Edge Grove because I feel that it is very homely and that teachers and pupils are very friendly here.” Ao, Year 8

“I love Edge Grove because it’s like a family. The older ones know all the younger ones and you can’t walk around a corner without a ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’.” Sophie, Year 8