Pupils with a Disability/Additional Educational Need

Every prospective pupil’s case will be individually considered and therefore it is important we have all the relevant information to hand.  Where the school feels confident that it can carry out its duty of care, a conditional offer of a place will be made subject to termly reviews.  Parents may be asked to pay for any additional support offered to their child.

If the needs of the pupil are greater than that for which the school can realistically provide (refer to the Disability Policy), given the constraints of the school facilities, levels of staffing and expertise, etc. the school will inform the parents accordingly. While it is the school’s aim to remain non-selective, it has a responsibility to clearly define its parameters and we would be acting in breach of our duty to the child by accepting him/her as a pupil knowing that the school could not adequately safeguard and promote the child’s welfare (which includes meeting his/her additional educational needs).