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Boarding is one of the great strengths of Edge Grove and is very much at the heart of the school.

Our aim for boarding is to create for each boarder a caring extended family environment where they feel safe and valued in a homely and supportive atmosphere. 

With such a long history of boarding at Edge Grove, the holistic atmosphere of the school is greatly influenced by this aspect of our community. Children come from near and far; local areas, London and all over the world.  

We offer a flexible boarding experience for children from Year 3 (age 7) and pupils have the opportunity to gradually ‘build up’ their boarding experience over time. We offer flexi and weekly boarding at Edge Grove (there is no boarding available from Saturday morning until Sunday evening). 

The ethos of the school is one of inclusion and support for boarders: they are housed in the original building of the school in dormitories organised by age. The Headmaster and his family live in the main building as do the Housemistress, Housemaster and his family, and the Gap students, all of whom work to maintain the smooth running of the boarding community and to enhance the quality of life of the pupils whilst they are in school.

The Boarding Team organise many fun activities during the week and at weekends, such as the ‘Boarding Spring Activity Weekend’ and visits to indoor climbing centres and places such as Southend-on-Sea or London sightseeing attractions.

"The quality of boarding is excellent. They (boarders) develop confidence and flourish in a secure and healthy environment where the staff know pupils well and where their individual welfare and well-being needs are indentified and fully met." 
Independent Schools Inspectorate, September 2015 



Mr Brian McManus, Head of Boarding